Our car wash is known as an exterior tunnel car wash. Once you buy your preferred car wash package, you will be guided by out attendants onto the conveyor track where you will place your car in neutral. After the attendants do a quick manual power wash for dirt and grime, your vehicle will be guided automatically through our high-tech tunnel car wash system. The car wash system will alert you when it is okay to put your car in drive and head to the free vacuums on-site.
NuShine Auto Wash is a tunnel car wash with free vacuums on site. We do not offer any detailing services and our only interior car wash service are the self-serve vacuums at our wash.
The guarantee is only good for the vehicle that received the original wash. During the 48 hour time frame after your wash, you may re-wash that vehicle for any reason. You can redo an Extreme wash for $10.00 OFF the full price of the wash (and receive a new 48 hour guarantee) or receive the Basic wash for free. This is not a rain/weather check. We are providing the option of a re-wash at your discretion, for any time or any reason during the 48 hours after you purchase the guarantee. You must have the original receipt.
You can buy a gift card as you are going through the drive to get your car washed or you can pull into our lot to stop by the office to buy a gift card. We are also able to reload your gift card with the same options.
How often you want to wash your car depends on the appearance you want it to have. However, waiting too long to wash your vehicle will allow dirt and debris to build up on the exterior, causing damage to the paint and finish over time. Generally it is a good idea to wash your vehicle once per week.
Even though rain is “water,” it does not mean your vehicle is clean after it rains. Rainwater is not clean water and will put grime on your vehicle. Rainwater is also missing the key component of soap to get your vehicle clean. To even be able to use rain to rinse your vehicle, you would have to drive really fast through a rainstorm.
NuShine Auto Wash does not offer a rain guarantee, even under our 48 Hour Clean Car Guarantee. However, if you choose to buy a monthly package, you can go through the car wash as many times as you want!
Of course! NuShine Auto Wash only used the most high quality soaps and chemicals on your vehicle that actually help protect your paint and finish, giving you a shine you won’t believe!

Tunnel Car Wash
NuShine Auto Wash is an exterior tunnel car wash in Kansas City, MO off Bannister Road that transforms the car wash experience! NuShine provides the latest auto wash technology to ensure your car shines like new when you leave the tunnel. For an additional clean, NuShine Auto Wash provides free vacuums for your cleaning convenience.
Car Wash Packages
Our car wash offers five different wash packages for your budget and car shine goals! Prices start at $8 per wash and go up to $20 for the ultimate clean and shine. We also offer monthly passes for unlimited car washes and gift cards so you can give the best gift possible - the shine of a fresh car wash!
Environmentally Friendly
NuShine Auto Wash is proud to be a leader in car wash environmental consciousness with our products & technology. We are the first in the area to roll out the latest car wash technology to always find the next latest & greatest way to provide your vehicle a superior shine.